Millie Gosch

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Millie Gosch expresses her love of nature in her plain air oil paintings. “I am inspired by my surroundings both at home and in my travels,” she says. The landscape paintings in her gallery attest to her close connection with nature. She also paints vibrant still lives that give viewers a new look at the color and shapes of the everyday things around them.

“I love to paint from life and I love to be outdoors, so naturally painting en plain air is a good fit for my art. During the spring and fall, I spend a lot of time painting field studies. From those studies, I paint larger pieces in the studio. I don’t use photographs at all. I paint what I know, and what I love is nature. My favorite subjects are big open fields, sunrises, sunsets, trees, the low country, and the southland. I use a limited palette of primary colors. In my work I strive to bring my viewer into the painting and let them make it their own experience.” - Millie Gosch.

Millie Gosch is an award winning artist who has been accepted into numerous shows and is represented by several galleries.

Apple Trees In Spring
Autumn Light
Autumn Sky
Azalea Reflections
Callaway Barn
Coastal Morning Rhythm
Highland Morning
Low Country
Pink Dress and Bananas
The Shade Givers
Whitefish Lake