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Anne Neilson Fine Art is proud to represent over 40 emerging and mid-career artists from Europe, Canada and throughout the US. We bring Charlotte collectors a wide variety of works, from contemporary abstract to realism.

Our new gallery is located in Charlotte’s historic South End neighborhood, just one mile south of Charlotte’s Center City via light rail.

Upcoming Events

Blackberry Farm
January 15, 2015

Blackberry Farm's artist in residence from July 31st to August 2nd will feature Anne Neilson. To gather more details and to reserve your place in this event, please call 1-800-557-8864 or email

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Up Close and Personal with Karen Cappotto

By: Elise

Ever since I can remember I was coloring or drawing. My first work that I ever made that actually was on public view was in grammar school. I was asked to create large wall hangings for our parish folk masses out of burlap and felt. I also recall making 12 calder mobiles for the school music room using silhouettes cut from toile and velvet wallpaper.

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About the Book

Angels In Our Midst is a beautiful 9 x 12 coffee table book about Anne H. Neilson’s Angel Series and the stories behind the paintings. Sprinkled throughout the book are devotions, inspirational stories about the many charities she has supported, and quotes from art dealers and collectors...

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